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First things first ... I finally got chapter 3 of my multi-chapter epic posted. Finally. The thing's been done since Friday. You'd think it would be easy to type up and post. But no.

Chapter 3

Overall I was happy with it. It clocked in at a lot more words than the previous chapter and I like the voice I've given Maia. I also have some ideas for what the cover will look like. I mean, I have ideas, I'm just not sure if I can translate what's in my head to something on the screen. Words I can do. Photoshopping, not so well. Yet, I want to try. Mostly because it makes me feel powerful that this entire story is spilling out of my head. Everything about it is coming from me. Even the things that don't make sense. Although I hope the non-sense making things are few and far between.

I did read a book today. I know. You're all shocked.
Book #28 - Dime Store Magic (Women of the Otherworld #3) by Kelley Armstrong - The first in the series to not feature Elena as the narrator, this book follows Paige Winterbourne (one of the witches from the previous book) and her young charge Savannah. Fighting a custody battle for Savannah against one of the most powerful Cabals in the US, Paige finds herself accepting help from an unlikely source, lawyer/sorcerer Lucas Cortez. Where book 2 introduced the other Supernatural races to us, book 3 expands on them practically exponentially. Paige is caught between the ways of her old-fashioned Coven and the good she knows she can do for others if she can break out of the mold the Coven is setting for her. Savannah is spunky, sometimes spoiled and a wicked strong spell caster. Lucas is the perfect foil for Paige and it's about time that someone realizes that witches and sorcerers are stronger together than they are apart. I'm thrilled to be immersing myself in this series all over again.

I've almost finished the next in the series. Sweet.

I wrote, read and napped today. Not in that order. Man, I have to admit that this time change hit me hard today. It might be the complete lack of sleep I've been getting lately coupled with the time change. It was brutal trying to stay awake this morning. Now, I could go to bed earlier, but ... ehh. Why would I want to do that? It's so lovely and quiet in the dark hours of the night. Or the morning. Whatever. It gives me lots of time to plot and read and plot some more.

Speaking of which, I'm back over at my sister's house tomorrow. Hopefully it will be the last day. The hardwood is done, they only have the carpeting left to install. I've been told that it should take a few hours at the most. Good. Good good good. Her house is so cold that I end up checking for frostbite while I'm there. It's always enjoyable when your fingers are too cold to write. Or type. Or anything. You might be thinking that I should turn on the heater, but I do. However, with the workers going in and out it doesn't do much good. So I layer up and huddle. It works marginally well.

Have I mentioned how behind I am on TV shows? A lot. A lot behind. Days and days. Or maybe a week. I haven't watch the Lost from last week yet if that tells you anything. Books. They are my downfall.

And I'm done!

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Amb and Phil? Yep. I think they had that set up 2 weekends ago. I don't watch TV while I'm there, though. Between the guys talking, the hammering, the sawing and whatever else they're doing I wouldn't be able to hear anything. Plus? Books.

Yeah! Chapter 3!

I actually did a dramatic cut of the shows I watched.
I realized I was watching too many.

I also needed to make more room for watching more Korean dramas.
Yup, that's right.

Am I Korean? Nope, Irish Descendant.
Do I understand Korean? Nope.

I am almost certain the subject of me and Korean dramas will be a future post - sometime soon.

chapter 3! Double yay!

Korean dramas, huh? Interesting. Well, as long as you understand them enough to enjoy them.

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