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Books-KH-Black Magic Sanction-Rachel/Bis

When the moon sets ...

I have no idea what has put in this almighty pissy mood that's hovering over me, but there it is. Clawing and screeching and making me glare. This mood has ensured that the kids are driving me bananas, Cole especially. Yes. I do remember how much I missed him when he was gone, but his "I'm so helpless" act is getting really old. I swear to you that when he acts like that I believe he couldn't find toilet paper while he was sitting on the pot. Arrgh! Maybe I've been too lenient with him lately, but I've had it today. Had.it. I've reached the point where I've told him that if his attitude doesn't magically fix itself he's not going to go to Gamestop tomorrow to pick up the Pokemon game he pre-ordered. We haven't paid for it yet, just put down a deposit, and I'd be willing to lose the deposit just to prove that I'm serious.


I did manage to get a book read. Well, a book and a short story ...
Book #24.5 - Infusion by Kelley Armstrong - Another short story set in her Otherworld universe, this one following the events leading up to Pack leader Jeremy Danver's birth. Not as enlightening as the last SS I read by her, but (if I'm looking at it honestly) it's harder to get to know a character who you haven't met in a previous book in a few short chapters. Still, it was interesting, well written and raised some questions about who Jeremy's mother was and what her endgame was in having a child by a Werewolf. I'd be interested in finding out more.


Book #25 - Black Magic Sanction (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows #8) by Kim Harrison - Awesome, another series that I'm feeling to urge to go back and re-read from the beginning. Where am I going to find the time? I think this might be one of my favorites in the series. I liked that Rachel is finally accepting that she can twist demon curses. Is she a demon? Not exactly, but she's not strictly a witch either. She can do things that both can do and that makes her unique. It also puts her in the sticky situation of being wanted by both the governing witch coven and the crazy as a fruit-cake lead demon. Throw in her demon mentor, an ex-flame who's betrayed her more than once, and a potential new man who can twist a curse faster than she can and you've got a pretty jam-packed book. I would have liked to see more Trent, but I'm content to wait and let those two play out in later books (what? I can have a twisted pairing if I want to).

Umm ... I've read 11 books so far in March. On the 13th. And and and I read two of those books more than once. Cover to cover. One part of me feels like I should slow down but there's another part that's yelling "Fuck, yeah! Read those books!"

*face palm*

In other news that isn't "read a book, feed the soul" related ... I've been backing up this journal over at Dreamwidth. I do it every other week or so, plus I have this entire journal dl-ed to a LJ Archive file on my comp. Is that a bit much? I just keep thinking that the reason I'm writing this stuff is so I can remember it. Not just the books or anything because I can remember books pretty well. It's all the other stuff. The stupid little the things that make me smile or snarl or whatever. And the not so stupid or little other things that I just want to remember. Like working at the bank. Although it's not something I want to dwell on day in and day out, I want to remember how miserable I was there so I can remember that it's not something I need to be stuck with for all eternity (in the event that I do have to get a job soon and the only one I can get is at another bank).

Does that make sense? I want to remember that there are always options out there.

Okay. Getting maudlin, here. Going to go. Don't want to ruin the fun.
I might have part 3 of my multi-chapter epic up tonight. I might not. It depends on whether or not I can shake this funk off.
I'm out!

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I can't wait to see how THAT story turns out....with Cole and his attitude. Sorry he's being a butt.

Well he straightened up and was able to get his game. Kids. Love 'em. Sometimes.

Yes I love mine . . . MOSTLY.
"They mostly come at night.....MOSTLY...">

So how are things? I've been a little stressed out and kind of . . incommunicado. Think we should get together and let the boys hang out this weekend a bit? I have a commitment Saturday night with Alex's school and auction but..

So, Sunday? Is that what's being implied? Because Sunday's cool. Just let me know.

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