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Will it be enough?

I know that none of you asked for this, but here it is anyway ...
Book #23.5 - Dangerous by Kelley Armstrong - Okay. So technically this isn't a book. It's a short story. That's why it gets the '.5' tacked on. Whatever. My journal, my rules. This is the story of how Simon and Derek ended up at Lyle House prior to Chloe meeting them in The Summoning. I really liked the voice Kelley Armstrong gave to Derek. She took his mannerisms and attitude from the DP series and gave them so much more depth. He's completely aware of how he comes across to people who don't know him (as a surly, smart-ass jerk) but he just doesn't care. If it doesn't affect Simon or his Dad, than it isn't important. However, once his actions put them in a position of having to defend him or putting them in danger, he cares. Which matches up exactly with how he acts in both of the DP books. Reading that, it makes it sound like he doesn't care until he hurts someone, which isn't true. He doesn't bother to change people's misconceptions about him unless it directly affects Simon or his Dad. And in the books, Chloe. For a short story, it packed a lot of wallop. And it made me babble on. Nice.


Book #24 - The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag (A Flavia de Luce Mystery) by Alan Bradley - Besides having the BEST title of any book I've read so far this year, it's a pretty damn good mystery. A follow-up to The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (which has my vote for last year's best title!), this book finds Flavia unraveling the duel mysteries of a flamboyant performer's death and that of a little boy who had died 5 years before. Flavia, of course, is far wiser than her years, has an unhealthy appreciation of poison and poisoning, and has a weak moral compass when it comes to breaking and entering. Which just goes to show why I like her so darn much.

So, today's sojourn at my sister's house went much better than yesterday. Those contractors weren't whining like little girls and they didn't have to use the evil circular saw. The noise of which cuts through my head like subsonic pixie voices. It was amusing hearing the guys try to think of polite ways to attack each others manhoods (is that even a word?) since they knew I was hanging out within earshot.

Even better news than all that ... Cole is HOME! Yay! I missed the little brat. Somebody remind me of this the next time he's driving me crazy. The sad thing is that I don't think he really enjoyed himself at camp. Sad. But I'm glad he stayed and I'm glad he's back now.

And finally ... I finished part 3 of my multi-chapter epic. This was due to the contractors running about 45 minutes late this morning. It gave me time to write in peace. I'm going to give it another read-through or two tonight and make sure it says what I want it to say and I'll try to get it posted tomorrow.

Productive day. I'm happy with it.
I'm done now. I have another book to finish.