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Lost-Sawyer- F!

Nothing beyond this moment ...

I just got a call from Cole's teacher (remember, he's up at Science Camp with the other 5th graders) that he's terribly homesick and misses me. Ahhhh. Poor guy. I said he had to stay. Although I am slightly giddy to hear that he actually misses me. Ahhhh. Poor guy. He'll be home on Friday. He can make it tonight and tomorrow night.

I feel a little bad for saying that he has to stay but I really think it's a good thing for him. Strangely, I don't recall ever having intense homesickness while I was away at camp. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Cole's so like me that it surprises me a little bit. Sure, sure, I'm a total homebody, but I don't usually get homesick. Does that make sense?

Anyway. Tomorrow night's gathering at the bar with my old work BFF has been canceled due to lack of fundage. Boo. We'll try again in a week or two. After our tax refunds kick in. Which reminds me that I really need to send that paperwork back to my tax guy. The refund will never get here if I don't send it off.

Although the bar-fun has been canceled, I do have an exciting day planned of sitting at my sister's house while she gets her new flooring installed. Whatever shall I do with myself? Read, perhaps? Or write? I should probably write. It turns out those stories really don't write themselves. I mean, sometimes they do. In the sense that the plot flows from my head like water, but they don't actually WRITE-write themselves.

I'm sure everybody's clear on what I'm saying.

Okay. I totally have things to do. Not really. I'm still going to finish up here.

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do you think he is just saying he his homesick to cover up another problem? or do you think he is actually homesick? i could see him being homesick...

i never got homesick as a kid. when i went to that camp, the only reason i wanted to come home was to take a shower and use the restroom. if they had nicer bathrooms, i could've stayed there for a few weeks, easy!

I'm not sure. His teacher told me that he seemed to be having a great time and then get really down. It could be homesickness. Like you said, I can see him being homesick, so ...

By the by, although I never got "homesick", I would go through those same sort of mood swings where I was happy as a clam and then just didn't want to be doing what everyone else was doing. I guess it runs in the family.

I can TOTALLY see you wanting to come home to shower and use the restroom. Totally! That's so you that it's making me LOL right now!

I got homesick when i was younger a few times. Well, when i was 7 went on a 10 day skiing trip with the school and i was more homesick because i wasn't allowed to share a room with my brother. I was 7!!

Then the few other times i was homesick it was only ever the beginning of the stay, wherever i was, and then i got a lot better.

Geez! I would have been homesick at 7 also.

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