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Umm ... remember how yesterday I was all "I'm afraid to pick up my book again tonight because I might forget to go to sleep"? Yeah. That happened. Except that I did remember to go to sleep, it was just really late. Or really early, depending on how you look at it.

Book #20 - Blood Promise (Vampire Academy #4) by Richelle Mead - Still loving the series. My only regret is that I have to wait for the next two books to come out. Boo. Rose has left the Academy on her epic quest that will take her into Russia. Along the way she meets Dimitri's family, get's tangled up with a secret society of humans who help the Moroi and Dhamphir's against the Strigoi and finds more answers in her never ending search for information about Spirit wielders and the Shadow-Kissed. Back at St. Vladimir's, Lissa grows increasingly out of control. While the connection between Lissa and Rose keeps Rose in the loop with the things going on in Lissa's life, Rose begins to sense that something is very wrong with her best friend and bondmate.

I really liked how we were able to see what was going on back at the Academy without every leaving the first-person narrative. I liked the answers Rose found about the bond. The only thing I was a little unclear on was how much time passed while she was held captive. She was only away from the Academy for 6 weeks at the most (according to the end of the book) but it felt like a lot longer. Of course, the endorphin rush she was experiencing could easily explain the elasticity of time. Things moved quickly but felt spread out because everything was about the next bite. I also thought that my theory was going to be blown out of the water towards the end of the book, but Richelle Mead didn't disappoint me. She'll make things right. I hope.

*sigh* It's hard to wait when you're invested in a series.

Cole's been shipped off to Science Camp. They left around 8:30 this morning and it felt weird to not pick him up when school got out. He seemed really excited once his friends got there and they were getting ready to board the bus. I seriously couldn't tell before that. Sometimes Cole keeps his own counsel on things. He doesn't give me any clues to how he feels. He's going to have fun, though. And I'll both like the break and be glad to see him when he gets home.

I'm going to do some writing now.

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you were kind of right about the whole lissa will be able to fix the big thing. i'm very disappointed about the ring thing. extremely.

Disappointed that the ring was brought in at all or disappointed that it helped Rose figure out that there may be a "cure" for turning Strigoi? Or something else? I'm kinda seeing it as a plot device that moves Rose toward finding the ultimate answer to her questions, not the answer unto itself.

Overall, I'm so in love with this series it's ridiculous. I like all the characters. It's made me cry! I really can't ask for any more than that.

disappointed that it might be a "cure" for strigoi. i don't think strigoi should be cured. and it should be in their nature to not want to be cured.

i love it, too. i was telling jenah about the series a few weeks ago. maybe you could talk it up to her, too? she'll have to read it!

I don't think the Strigoi would want to be cured either, but I can see Rose forcing the cure on Dimitri and once he is cured he'd realize that she was right. I also don't think it's going to be something that is an easy fix. I imagine it will take a lot out of the healer doing it. I also imagine that it's not a fix for every Strigoi. Some embraced the life willingly and would simply go back to it if they were ever cured. However, for those taken over against their will it would be a chance at redemption. A chance for them to have a normal life.

I'm DYING for the next book in the series! DYING!

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