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We got them all together ...

Cole and I have been reading the Percy Jackson series (kinda) together. He was reading the first for school and when he finished it he told me I should read it. So I did. Then he read the second. Then I read the second. Then I read the third over this past weekend while he was reading the third. He started the fourth this morning. I stole it from him this afternoon while he was playing the X-Box. I have 35 freaking pages left in it and he wants it back. 35 freaking pages. 35. I'll steal it again once he goes to sleep so I can finish it. Yes, I do plan on buying the last in the series either tonight or tomorrow. How did you guess?

I fell asleep at 8 last night. I think Cole woke me up at one point to tell me some highly amusing story about his toothpaste that I remember nothing about. For those of you that don't have kids, they decide that you need to know the most trivial things at the weirdest times. Like, when you're totally dead to the world asleep. Did I mention that his story was about toothpaste? I'm totally not kidding. Toothpaste.

Anyway. I woke up this morning after almost TEN HOURS OF SLEEP (minus the random awakenings for stories about toothpaste) and I was all whoa! What the hell is this perky feeling that I'm feeling? And why am I wide awake? It was strange. I'm not sure if I liked it.

The downside of all that sleep is that part three of my multi-chapter epic isn't done yet. I was hoping it would be done by today. But no. I'm okay with that and everything I was just kinda hoping. I guess the book-stealing, sneak-reading I've been doing behind Cole's back isn't helping all that much on the writing front.

In a change of topic that has nothing to do with anything above, I decided that I wanted to watch something bloody and fun. I'm downloading Harper's Island as I type. I've already watched the first 3 eps. Hee! Blood and guts! Yes!

On that note, I'm sure I have things to do.

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Harper's Island was AWESOME! I loved it and watched it as it aired! I even had them downloaded but then I think I didn't burn them to disc...and deleted. Hee...it's GREAT fun!

Oh, yeah it was! I haven't had this much fun with gruesome murders since ... last week. JK. Loved the show, though. IT was so much FUN!

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