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SPN-Boys going gravedigging

How many moments does this make?

jenah and her son are visiting and Cole and Hailey are kinda driving me crazy. Arrgh! Get along, already! The fighting between those two has reached seriously epic proportions!

Whatever! I'm ignoring it for the moment.

I finished two of my five books last night.
Book #12 - Bone Shop by T.A. Pratt - This is the same author who gave us the outstanding The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl. This is a prequel to his Marla Mason series (of which I have read none of) and I really liked it. I like his style of writing, it's crisp and readable. I like Marla, she's can be kinda bitchy and a bit of a hot-head but she has good reason to be. I would not be adverse to reading others in the series.


Book #13 - Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2) by Richelle Mead - I'm not sure if anyone has realized this yet but I'm not a crier. I rarely cry at movies. I have maybe two books total that make me weepy. That said, this book brought tears to my eyes. There's a scene at the end that felt so damn real to me that I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and stomped on. It was AWESOME! This books follows the events of Vampire Academy, pitting Rose and her compatriots against more of the evil Strigoi in their attempts to wipe out the Moroi. Rose has some close calls and Dmitri is hot. As always. I've already started the next book in the series.

Fun things that I witnessed today ... Some girl being led out in handcuffs at Walmart. AWESOME!!!! She looked pissed about it, too. Dude. Don't shoplift. That's all I'm sayin'.

I think I wrote around 1500 words last night on the next chapter of my story. That's good for me. Really good.

Time to get back to my movie.

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was it mason? did that make you cry? it made me sad.

It was the way Rose was trying to defend him afterward. The way she wouldn't leave because she had to protect him. Tears!

yep. i am really into the books. i finished 4 a while ago. can't wait for 5. i was trying to tell jenah about them the other night heheh

i was extremely pleased with the way 3 ended ... but something was introduced in 4 that pissed me off. i should also let you know that i'm 100% team adrian.

Richelle Mead's on LJ if you don't already know that. blue_succubus

I read the first chapter of book 3 but I have a bunch of other books that I'm halfway through and I decided that I was going to finish up one or two of those before I allowed myself to read the 3rd.

I like Adrian, but I'm not infatuated with him at this point. Maybe I'll change my mind after the 3rd book.

Well you also had yogurt that day.
Although I suppose that is not an unusual event...........
And for the record..I wasn't driving you crazy... right?

No, it was Cole. Sometimes he just drives me slightly bonkers. Not often, but sometimes.

Yogurt was yummy. Fro-Yo! Now I want some.

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