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DW-Tardis-Take me away

Remember who you are ...

Cole has a friend spending the night tonight which means that I have a (more or less) free evening. No kiddies to watch. I can put an any type of movie (HORROR!) that I want to and not worry that it'll give the kids nightmares. I can stay up late late late ... wait, I do that one anyway. Oh, Hailey's not here either. Nice.

Speaking of watching things ... I finally sat down and watched the Doctor Who specials that aired this season. Holy smokes! I loved them! I was resisting watching simply because I didn't want to see David Tennant take his final bow as the Doctor, but they were all so good and well worth it. They gave him a great farewell storyline. It still makes me sad to think that he's done as the Doctor, but I guess I'll get over it.

Ten is my favorite! All the way, babies!

Okay. All the other things I had to talk about have fled in the wake of David Tennant.