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Psych-quote-You heard about Pluto?

What are you going to do about it.

I have a bad-ass headache right now. I am not enjoying it. Plus, it's making a teeny bit short tempered. Fun.

I have a bunch of things to say. I hope my achy head cooperates with me ...

I posted a wallpaper at bay12 this morning. I haven't made a wall in about a year so this feels like a red letter day already!

Cole has been driving me crazy lately. My short-temperedness isn't helping with this today. Let me tell you what's been going on recently - the thing that really kicked things off this morning was that I made breakfast for the kids. Cole got all bent out of shape when I not only made scrambled eggs (which I told him I'd be making) but also hash browns. It turns out that the boy only eats hash browns when he makes them. Umm ... whatever. He stomped up the stairs as soon as he saw the hash browns and slammed his bedroom door. This did not make me happy. I made him sit in the middle of the hallway on TIME OUT so I wouldn't explode into a million pieces. The kid is 10 and he had to sit on time out. His appalling lack of manners just bugged the hell out of me. He finally straightened up his act and came downstairs however he still refused to eat breakfast. I told him that he either ate what I made him or he wouldn't be eating at all. He chose not to eat. So he didn't eat until lunch.

*shakes head*

Besides that, he's been very needy lately. He suddenly can't go downstairs by himself. What's that about? It's not like it's the middle of the night or anything. I'm talking about the middle of the day when my mom's downstairs on the computer. I just don't.get.it.

I'm dealing with it and laying down some rules and everything, it's just frustrating that my 10 year old is acting like a kid in pre-school.

There you have it. My headache is still hanging on with claws of steel. Ouch.
I'm out.
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Ahh yes. Maybe this will help. Having navigated that age kinda recently, I can tell you that it IS slanting more towards normal than not. It has to do with. . being on the precipice of growing up. Ten is hard. There is a definitely leaving of the "younger wonder years" and heading towards teens. While they aren't as close as say, TWELVE, there is a difference. So be patient and be firm, yes. But know that some of it is totally normal.

Also you might find that he wishes for the lights to be on when he goes to sleep. After years of not having them on, Alex started to need them on to help him sleep. He still does more often than not. It's really tied to not wanting to leave the bosom.

As for the breakfast fit....what a princess! Alex has his princess moments too (as you well know), and I've taken to calling him Diva, or Princess Buttercup when they surface. He doesn't really like it, but he goes along with it and sees that he's being just TOO MUCH. However, this morning I dared to put his toasted waffle (that he eats in the car on the way to school) in a used plastic baggie, from his lunch yesterday. He was so put out that it could have "germs" that I nearly couldn't contain myself. I told him that if he wanted to be that particular, why he could come and make his breakfast and lunch on his own and I'd stay out of it. I don't do anything that I know will harm him - but I won't deal or put up with his need to be UBER-particular.

He didn't like that one bit. My little Princess Buttercup.

Oh and I saw the lovely spring paper!

Thank for taking a gander at it!

What princesses we have!

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