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Stock-Blossoming Trees

They would have hunted us down!

I had a crappy napping day. It seems like every time I started the fall asleep, something conspired to keep me awake. The dogs would bark at something that only they could hear. The kids would come barging into my room. My sister and bro-in-law stopped by to drop off some of their boxes (they need to be moved out of their house by the end of the month but they can't move into their new one until the 1st, therefore they're storing boxes in our crawlspace). My stomach was growling something fierce. It was just a myriad of things.


Randomly, Cole and I are on the last few episodes of Xena season 1 and I was cracking up at the ep that first introduces Callisto. See, Callisto tells everyone that she's Xena and proceeds to wreak havoc across the countryside. I was totally like, "Whoa! Xena totally had her identity stolen. How topical." No fooling. I actually said that. It was really funny when it happened.

You know, I didn't get a whole lot done today. The dogs and I spent a big chunk of time outside cleaning up the deck. I watered our poor plants (can you believe that we've been rain-free for several days now? The puddles have almost completely dried up!)and swept and pruned back some of the dead stuff. The dogs ran back and forth and barked at passing cars. And passing birds. And a leaf. Good times, people. Good times.

Here are my two little girls enjoying the sun ...


Okay. I'm done.

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Really is a darling photo of them. And Bailey would like the fact that she appears to be Godzilla-ish in size in comparison to the petite Ruby :) Glad to hear that sis/bil won't be homeless as they wait to move in to their new abode!

Hahahahaha! Bailey is Godzilla! Love it!

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