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Contrary to what some might think ...

Another lazy day at Casa Rubidoux. I took Cole and Hailey to Game Stop this morning so they could download a free Pokemon thing. I let Cole pre-order the Pokemon game that's coming out in a month with the caveat that he wasn't allowed to buy anything between now and then so he could save up his money and pay me back.

I'm still thinking about that movie I watched last night. I really, really want to watch it again. There's all this stuff that happens in the beginning that unfolds at the end to make a complete picture. Plus, I still want to review it.

The dogs are driving me bonkers at the moment. They keep play-fighting in the middle of where ever I happen to be sitting. Little boogers.

Cole and I are back to watching Xena season 1. I can't wait until we work our way up to season 2 (my favorite!) but it's slow going when you only watch an episode or two every couple of days.

The kids are out of school for a week.

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what the heck is this movie? let me guess... booty call?

Oh! So close! But, no. It's called Ink and it's just bizarrely cool. It's all about dream worlds and memories and good vs. evil. Very cool.

What did you guys watch last night?!
I watched ep 3-13 of Dollhouse, among other things....even texted you

Dollhouse was good wasn't it? Those last few episodes were made of awesome.
Cole didn't watch the movie with me last night. It probably would have scared him a bit. Maybe not. It's called Ink and it's just a neat, neat movie.

There was so much to like about S2...you were right. I do have a couple of peeves, however, it's inevitable with me really. Just posted about them...let me know your thoughts..

Ha! I just got finished commenting over on your journal when I saw you'd commented back. Word!

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