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This is the way the world ends ...

Oh, man! I just finished watching this movie and it was so, so, so, so, so sosososososososo good that I'm going to have to review it. It was one of those little independent films that takes these grand themes and make it very approachable. Color me impressed.

I had a mellow day today. I did some straightening up around my room (one of those things that I've been meaning to do for ages) and ... well, and I watched a movie. I stared blankly at my story in progress and realized that I stopped writing halfway through a sentence and I have no idea where I was going in that sentence. I guess that'll teach me to stop myself mid-thought. It's really not a big deal, I'll just plop myself down and start that thought over but it makes me laugh. First off, why did I stop in the middle of a sentence? Was something catastrophic about to happen that I had to attend to IMMEDIATELY?? I can only assume so. Secondly, if I don't remember where I was going with that particular thought/storyline, how does that bode for the rest of the chapter? My complete lack of progress on my story today feels like a thorn in my side. I'm going to worry it until all the ideas bleed out of me.

I love it when my dogs snore.

Looking at the time, I think it might be time to pry Cole off the X-Box. I'm fairly certain he's been playing it for a good chunk of the day. The good news is that I saw him outside at one point. The bad news is that he went right back in.

I might re-watch that movie. It has caught my attention in a big way.

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It was this lovely little indie movie called Ink.

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