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Cole and I joined his teacher and a couple of kids from his class to see The Lightning Thief. I liked the movie, but I was a little disappointed in some of the things that chose to leave out and some of the things that were downright changed. Some of the people who I thought were important characters (not main, but more than just passing characters) were left out all together. The final reveal was also changed up a bit. Like I said, I liked the movie overall, but I wish they had followed the book a little more closely. In my opinion, the book was very well put together and thought out. I understand that sometimes things don't translate well from book to screen, but I really do think it could have been done a little differently. That said, I loved when Percy got to do the water control stuff. It was very cool. There should have been more of it.

In other news, I think I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow about Cole's cough. It's not just lingering, it's got a bad ass fist wrapped around him. I don't like how it's starting to rattle around in his chest. Chances are they'll tell me to wait it out a few more days (because that's what they always seem to say), but it seems that as soon as I call things start to get better ... so, I'm calling.

I have a virtual ton of movies that I want to review for blabapalooza but I somehow never seem to get them done. I watched a couple of really funky, cool, out of the ordinary movies lately that I think other people might enjoy. I'll have to write those up.

I'm done. I have things to do. Or something.
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I'm really sorry to hear it. Alex's didn't get all fisty as it were. And I was listening for it - since he's had pneumonia twice in his young life. (he was much younger tho..) I hope it's good news.

I, too have a lot of reviews in my head but have only done the one. *sigh*

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