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Book #7 - Lord of Misrule (Morganville Vampires Book Five) by Rachel Caine - I've had this book sitting here for a while and I'd start it and stop it and start it again. Well, this time it took. I have to admit that I'm not sure why it took me so long to get into. I twas a good book. I confuse myself sometimes. Anyway. Morganville is in flames and Claire and her friends have to fight a freak tornado in the midst of a vampire power struggle. The next book in the series is already a go.

Cole stayed home from school again today. He sounds downright nasty. Poor guy. However, we have a movie date tomorrow to see Percy Jackson so he has to suck up the nasty cough for a couple of hours. I'm just kidding. If he's too sick to sit through the movie, we won't go. Even though it's free for him (his teacher ran a contest for the kids in her class - anyone who read the book and passed the reading test before the movie came out would be treated by the teacher to see the movie on opening day).

I have Thursday night shows to watch now.

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What the hell is Percy Jackson?

Have you been living under a rock or what? First off, I wrote a review on the first book a couple of days ago. Secondly, Percy Jackson is the half mortal son of Poseidon, the god of the sea. Obviously. Third, what have you been up to? Farming, I assume, but what else. What else ...

i didn't know poseidon's last name was jackson. poseidon jackson. neat.

what have i been up to... not too much. spanish class and work. went to the doctor a few times. going to my moms tonite to celebrate her birthday. should be exciting! :-)

kurt and i have been going to la fondue a lot. we should go sometime, it's delicious!

I don't believe Poseidon has a last name. However, Percy (which is short for Perseus) uses his mom's last name. Therefore, Poseidon Jackson would be incorrect. I'm just sayin'.

I think you were deadly serious. Deadly.

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