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TVD-Elena-Laughing and lovely

Isn't it funny?

You know, I really should have had a clue after the first time Ruby pooped after we brought her home from the shelter that she was going to be one of those dogs that ate EVERYTHING. Yeah. That rubber band in her poop should have given me some sort of inkling. Alas, I am sometimes slow. Today she tried to eat (1)a band-aid, (2)several pieces of tanbark, (3)a paper towel, (4)a cough drop wrapper and (5)the lid to her wet food. *face palm* I love the little beast but sometimes I think she might be a little slow.

In other amusing news, I'm trying to find a place to set my story in. I know the bulk of the story is in a small town but I needed a quiet, out of the way valley to locate my psychiatric hospital. I was on Wikipedia earlier idly looking for some place that would grab my attention (OOOH! Google maps would be a good one to check out!) and Cole asked me what I was doing. I told him I was trying to find a place to put my psychiatric hospital and he very seriously asked me if I was going crazy. O_o No. It's for my story. About the girl who can see ghosts. O_o Should it worry me that he had to ask me that? Have I been acting crazier than usual?

For the record, him asking me that distracted me so much that I never did find a good valley. Although the hospital will be fictional, I'd like it to have some basis in the real world. I'll do some more research tomorrow.

Cole's still coughing. And now I have a tickle in my throat. Lovely.

I have a bunch of fun looking movies to watch. I'd better get on that. Or, wait. Isn't Lost on tonight? Man, that's going to throw off my entire movie watching evening. In a good way.

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Alex's cough is on the way out - but it's slow going. And it has been for a few weeks. Buying that Cold/Allergy mix to stop the draining has been KEY. Much better than Cold/Cough stuff we tried. FYI

I certainly hope you guys don't have it drag on like Alex has. AND I certainly hope that being around us...wasn't the culprit.

I tried the cold/allergy stuff (as well as a few others) and it didn't seem to do anything at all. *sigh* The cold/cough helps a bit but he's still coughing after he takes it. It's just slightly less coughing.

The school nurse told me that the nasty cough is going around, so I'm only going to hold you partially to blame. :P

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