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SPN-Quote-Salt and Burn

Yeah, I said it!

It's possible I might be permanently shunned (–verb (used with object), shunned, shun⋅ning.
to keep away from (a place, person, object, etc.), from motives of dislike, caution, etc.; take pains to avoid.) (I do mean literally shunned here. Like, Dwight shunning Jim.) when I write this, but I'm still going to ...

I didn't watch the Super Bowl. I didn't watch the ads (not entirely true, I saw The Last Airbender trailer before the game started). I wrote and took a nap. At my sister's house. During a Super Bowl party.

Yes. I do know how to bring the fun. Thank you for noticing.

However, I now have a rough outline circling in my head of where the next chapter of my story is going to go. That's awesome.

I also watched the Puppy Bowl which is beyond entertaining. I love love love when the puppies drink out of the water dish and you get to watch them on the Water Bowl Cam. Hilarious. I wish I had a Water Bowl Cam at my house all the time. In fact, they should have a channel devoted to nothing but watching puppies play. All day. I would be all over that.

I'm almost done with the first Percy Jackson book (which I started this morning) because Cole wants to see the movie and he just read the book and we sometimes do that. Read the same books. We can have discussions about it. Awe.some. Anyway. The book is pretty darn good.

Back to my book.

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I ended up watching it. I haven't in years.
I am still trying to get Alex to read that book - but today we did go to the library (nice and new!) and picked up the first 2 books in the Maximum Ride series for him! And a few for me... :)

I highly recommend the book. It's so much fun. I zipped through it in a day so it's not hard reading.

i didn't watch the super bowl. and i was yelled at because "my team" was there. or something. they aren't my team if i don't like the sport damnit.

Sports make me sleepy in general so my nap was well timed. :P

I didn't even know the Super Bowl was this past weekend until someone asked if I could take their Sunday work shift because they were planning on having a Super Bowl party.
I have nothing but apathy for American football myself.
And even though it was super slow at work, I didn't even look at any news sites to see what was going on with the game. I ended up watching "The Office" and "Burn Notice" on hulu.com at the time.

Yeah, I don't care for the sport (except when my boy is playing it!) so napping and reading were a much, much more productive way for me to spend my day. Writing! Yay!

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