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Stock-fantastical-Just believe

I can do this!

Hey! It's raining again. Not hard or anything, but pretty steadily. It's nice to listen to but not quite as much fun to stand in while convincing the dogs that it's time to do their lady business.

Such is life.

I wrote today but I'm not at all sure if I'm going to make tomorrow's deadline. After a few false starts, the story feels like it's going somewhere. However, those false starts and my general procrastination has left me with more to write than I was anticipating this close to when malkovich03 is expecting it to be done. On the other hand, I already know what the final line will be. No, I'm not telling, but I do know it. In fact, I knew it as soon as I'd written the first line. The real first line, not those false start ones.

Anyway. I'm not watching any of my Thursday shows at the moment because Cole is trying mightily to finish reading a book for school (I don't think it's due yet but he keep insisting that he wants to finish it and who am I to stop the kid from reading?) and the TV would just distract him.

Due to the TV not being on this evening, I've been working on updating my Squidoo pages. Ever since I decided to be a little more proactive in keeping the pages up to date, I've been having a lot of fun with them. Rearranging and reorganizing and creating new pages and condensing some of the pages into one another. It's making me think. That's a good thing, right?

I think the kiddo's finishing up the book.
And I'm out.

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Word of warning, there will be no extensions.

You are a tough task mistress! Even publishing companies grant extensions occasionally. *bats eyelashes*

Like I said, I think *hope, crossing my fingers* that the writing will be done, I'm just not sure if it will be edited to the point where I usually offer it up for human consumption.

Thinking is always good! :) Glad to hear that Cole is excited about the book he's reading. I've noticed that Alex has been a little bit more "into" the last couple of books he's read. Yay
So..you never got back to me. Tomorrow?

Someone once told me that if a kid doesn't like reading it's because they haven't found the right book. I agree with that!

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