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Oh, I just watched a gem of a movie called Meteor Storm. San Francisco gets pummeled by meteors! Whee! I watched it mostly for Michael Trucco. He's very pretty. The story? Not so pretty. Cole said it was cheesy. I am forced to agree. And yet, I watched the entire thing from beginning to end and I paid attention. That must mean that it was somewhat engaging. Right? Or it just means that Michael Trucco is very pretty. :)

The other day malkovich03 called me to ask me to harvest her crops (I've created a Farmville ADDICT!) and I had to confess that I was researching Zombie-themed books for a new page I'm in the midst of creating. Zombie books! Awesome possum! Don't be jealous, you can do completely normal stuff like this too! Zombies!

In top of researching Zombies (!), I also cooked dinner (barbeque chicken, rice and corn) and reorganized one of our pantries. Yes, we have more than one. Two, as a matter of fact. I worked on the auxiliary one today. The one that used to be a coat closet except that we never used it for coats so we put up shelves and then stocked said shelves with foodstuffs. Well, snack-type foodstuffs. Yeah. That auxiliary one. It's organized.

And in other news, I had to take back the jeans I bought the other day. Not because they didn't fit or anything. I had to take them back so the employees could remove the flipping security tag from them. Jerks. They could have removed it when I, you know, bought them so I didn't have to make a second trip back to San Jose just to have the tag removed. Whatever. I did it. It's done. I can wear my new jeans tomorrow.

I'm going to go look at more Zombie books.
Good times.

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No freaking kidding it was a crop emergency!

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