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I'm sure there's something up this sleeve ...

Holy Mother of Pearl! I have too many shows to watch on Thursday night. Too.Many. I think I'm going to have to save Fringe (which has been surprisingly engaging lately) and Supernatural for tomorrow. I really want to watch SPN tonight but then I think that I'm a little on the tired side and I won't be able to give it the attention it deserves. Thus, tomorrow.

I know that it's no secret that I take a nap every day. Yes, every day I take a nap. Lately I've been falling asleep so heavily during my nap that I'm all crazy disoriented when I wake up. Plus, my nap starting time seems to be creeping up more and more. I used to lie down around noon, now it's 10:30. Not 10:30 every day or anything, but more often than it used to be. Shoot, pretty soon I'm going to just not get up in the morning. I'll just combine my sleeping time with my nap time and sleep until 1 in the afternoon. No, that won't happen. I have to get the kiddies off to school. Whew! I was getting a little worried about myself there.

Yes, I sleep a lot. And that gianormous cup of coffee I drank a while ago isn't really doing anything to keep me up. I mean, I could go to bed now. Well, after I make a nest of blankets for my Ruby Roo to sleep in. She's such a cute, snoring, little bundle of fur.

Hmm. That's about all I have to say.

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Because I stay up too late and get up too early, of course. Those crops don't harvest themselves, you know.

I just commented to Des about Thursday night TV. So many good shows on! It is my most heavily packed night. And I ONLY watched tVD last night. SO damned good. Man that show makes me want to do art!

IF what you're looking for is a way to . . not sleep quite as much, I offer this: add 30 mins of light cardio every day. You'll sleep soundly at night and also just feel more energized throughout the day. There I said it. But I only said it because it seemed you might have been surprised w/your increased naptime...and this is a helpful idea.

That is all.

Yeah. Thursdays kill me. :P

I'm not surprised in the least with how much I sleep. I've always been a sleeper. I love to sleep. It just seems that reading some of my prior journals, I mention napping a lot. However, when one gets up before 6 every day, naps should not only be expected but a foregone conclusion. Naps! Yay!

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