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Psych-quote-suck stopper

I didn't get a good look.

Does anyone think it's appropriate to block both directions of traffic when you're dropping your kid off at school in the morning? Seriously, people can't drive. It's annoying. Is it really such a hassle to drive three more car lengths down and pull over to he curb to let your kid out of the car? Or, and you can call me crazy for this thought, pull into the drop off area and drop your kid off there?

I'm more of the park and walk type of person and I'm chronically early to everything so maybe I just don't understand the reasoning for blocking both directions of traffic because you can't get up five minutes earlier and get your kid to school on time.

Yes, I'm ranting a bit. My rebuttal is that if you saw some of the ways these parents drove/parked/don't seem to give a shit that what they're doing isn't legal ... well, you'd be a little ranty also. Plus? Do they notice that there are kids around? More than just their own? Geez!

Sadly, this rant has been brewing since I dropped the kids off at school this morning.

Hey! There was a new Psych on tonight! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I spent a $50 Amazon gift card this morning. It was awesome. I bought books and Blu-Ray movies. I've been dying to get my hands on Hot Fuzz in Blu. I.can't.wait.

I think I've exhausted all my thoughts.
Good night.

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No parents are insane when it comes to drop offs and pick ups at school. Makes me totally crazy - no pun intended.

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's driven crazy by those crazies!

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