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DH-Whiskey-Blue flare

She's responsible for all the things you can't remember...

It was suggested to me that I should watch Epitaph One from Dollhouse season 1 before the season finale on Friday. Holy crud! That was AWESOME! Now I'm going to have to buy both season 1 and season 2 because it was so freaking amazing and I don't understand why this show is ending and whhhhyyyyyyy!

Anyway. As you can probably tell, I really liked the episode. It amazes me that there were things in that ep that were just in the last aired ep of season 2. Great continuity. That's the sort of stuff I live for.

I wrote today. malkovich03 is proud on the inside. I can tell.

Rumor has it that we're going to have a few dry days coming up. I'm not holding my breath on this. We've had so much rain that the puddles can't dry out. They just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It's amazing. Wet, damp, and soggy but amazing.

I'm thirsty. Clearly that's my cue to go.