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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

Don't mention it!

I finished my book. It was a re-read, but it still counts!
Book #4 - Peril at End House by Agatha Christie - For once, I actually remembered who did it, but it was still fun to wade through the clues and see how Dame Christie laid it out. She's got some skills. No fooling.

Here's a weird thing, I had a moment earlier where I was bored. BORED. I didn't like it. Usually I have something to do. A book to read. A TV show that hasn't been watched. However, book #5 is a tough one to get into because I don't remember how the book before it in the series ended and I kinda think I'm going to have to go back and read it before I get into this one. And I cleared out all my TV shows last week and there's nothing on my DVR except some Pokemon cartoons and Battlestar Galactica The Plan and if I'm being completely honest here I have to be in the right mood for BSG. It's not something I can just throw on and be happy with. It takes a lot out of me, okay?

So. I should really have been working on the story that malkovich03 has told me that I must write her but instead I watched some old episodes of Family Guy on TBS and then I had the bad fortune of seeing the same episodes on Adult Swim at 8. What are the odds of that? What are the odds?

So, there.

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I totally want to reread Peril now. I think it might be my favorite one.

My second favorite, I believe, is currently being borrowed by my boss, for the last year. And I've already asked her for it back once. Bookrage.

This was one you recced me last year and it's fabulous! Even knowing who the killer was, I loved it! Good job, Odd!

What's your second favorite, btw?

The Boomerang Clue, featuring Lady Frankie Derwent, she who smokes cigarettes, wears trousers (trousers!) and drives motor cars at unsafe speeds.

Ha! Awesome! That's one I haven't yet read. I'll have to see if I can lay my hands on it somehow.

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