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I really don't know how to quantify this ...

Temporal disturbances AHOY!

Yesterday my computer clock was a couple of hours off. Annoying, but whatever. Today? A couple of years. Currently, my computer is residing in the year 2006. January 1st, 2006, to be exact. It's 12:53 AM. Umm ... No. It's really not. Or... is it.

So. I'm thinking that there's something wrong with my computer. Anybody have any ideas on what I can do to fix it? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? This might explain why my virus scan was running at an odd time the other morning. Odd time, as in "not at 5 pm when it normally does although it was on the right day".

The thing I love about this is that LJ picks up the date from the computer so if I posted this entry as is I'd be posting in 2006. AWESOME! I'm traveling through time and I had no idea!

I'm out!

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First some questions to see if a better idea can be obtained why the time is off on your PC.

Are you running windows XP?

Also, do you turn off your computer on a regular basis.
The situation I am wondering about is if you go to change and correct the time on your computer, then turn it off. Is it messed up when you turn it back on?

Windows XP? yes.
I turn my comp off every night. I changed the time to the correct time yesterday and it was even more wonky when I booted up the comp this morning. To my knowledge, this is the first time this has ever happened (first I can remember, I just don't know if yesterday was the first day it had been weird or if it had been off for a while and I just hadn't noticed).

I've fixed it again. I'll shut down my comp once I finish dl-ing White Collar and see if it resets itself again. :)

If the time problem only occurs because you turn off the PC, the most likely candidate would be what is known as the CMOS battery.
It's like wrist watch size battery that is designed to keep certain settings, like date and time, going on the PC even though it's off.
If that battery is getting weak, then it does a horrible job of keeping time.
When it completely fails, your PC resets to Jan 1st, 2001 every time it's turned off.

It is possible a time program got accidentally installed on the PC or a virus is doing it, but to be honest I never really saw that on any person's PC I had to repair. It's just simply a possibility.

For XP, a possible workaround is to use the internet time function where windows itself tries to set the time correctly.
It could also be possible that it's internet time messing you up.

But you would double click on the date/time area on the taskbar, bring up "Date and Time Properties", and go to the "Internet Time" tab. Make certain it is checkmarked there to connect to a time server.

Okay. I've given it a week now and everything appears to have fixed itself. I have no idea why or how but there it is.

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