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Calvin-This is how I do my thing

Pick 'em up when they fall ...

I have this long rant about Wells Fargo- the sucktastic bank I used to work for and the one who's currently screwing up my mortgage- but I'm too upset to type it out right now.

Instead, I'll ask this question ... why did all the clocks on my computer reset to different times this morning and why can't I fix one of them? Seriously. My computer clock said it was 2:30 pm (4 hours ahead of my current time) and my Fox Clocks (a firefox app that tells me different times around the world and which I have installed on my toolbar) says it's 10:30 pm (12 hours ahead). Fox Clocks is the unfixable one. I can't figure out how to go in and manually change the time. I told it to update and it did but it updated to the wrong time again. Weird.

So, sucky morning on the phone with the bank and bizarre temporal disturbances that are throwing my computer into an alternate dimension. I've yet to decide if today will turn out to be a good day or if this craptastic vein will continue.

On the other hand, that bad movie I was watching last night wasn't all that bad. Sure the main chick mispronounced "ankh" painfully, but I cringed and moved along and didn't let it destroy my enjoyment of ghosts in the Old West. Ankh is not pronounced with a long "a" sound at the beginning. I'm just sayin'. I'm also just sayin' that I'm tired of reading fanfic with people who are "wondering" around. Wondering? Seriously? I wonder why you can't put an "a" in there and make it wandering.

I think I've almost got all the ranting out of me. Well, except for that fuck you one that's brewing for Wells Fargo. Which I'm still too upset to talk about. Fuckers.

I'm going to go watch it rain now.
Wish me puddles.

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*wishing very hard*

Oh, the puddles are here! You did a great job with that! I'm afraid we're going to float away soon. Lol!

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