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Heroes-Red umbrella in the rain

There's nobody here ...

I made soup for dinner tonight because we're supposed to be having this big, bad, motherfucker of a storm hitting us soon and it made me crave soup. It was very good. Both my mom and Heather agreed wholeheartedly. You know, sometimes new recipes just don't cut the mustard but this one was goooooood. Yum.

Although the soup was good, the storm still hasn't quite hit. We had a smattering of rain earlier but it was no 8-20 inches (20 in the mountains! Yikes!) so I'm expecting to wake up tomorrow to torrential downpours. Or just one downpour that is torrential. Or something that's torrential that resembles a downpour. Kinda like Niagara Falls but over the entire state of California.

Or, we could just have rain and I'll be happy.

Mmm. Soup.

I gave both Bailey and Ruby a bath today because they were starting to get a funk about them that was ... unpleasant. Nobody likes to smell stinky dogs. At least I don't. They're wrestling on my bed right now and they sound like Elephant Seals during mating season. I really don't know how such little dogs can make such bizarrely loud noises. It's truly strange.

I got a Sudoku book for Christmas and I've almost finished it. I'm getting pretty good at them and I rarely cheat. Rarely. Sometimes I just hit a wall and need a little help. What? My Cylon circuitry can't process everything, you know.

Okay. The weird noises that the girls are making is distracting me into telling you my deep, dark, cheating secrets. That must be my sign to go.
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