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Psych-Gus is stealth

I'm just that ninja!

I have a houseful of 5th grade boys downstairs playing oodles of video games and eating pizza. It kinda feels awesome. Mostly because it means that I have a whole evening basically to myself. Nice.

Okay. Things I didn't do today (by me) -
I didn't watch any episodes of Castle. Simply because the next two episodes just finished downloading.
I didn't outline any part of a story.
I didn't clean the carpets.
I didn't clean.

However ...
I did catch up on a few of the shows that have been languishing on my DVR and take a three hour nap. It was heavenly.

I'm pretty sure that I had the best day ever today. Yes? Yes.

Those boys sound like they're getting a little loud. Perhaps I should check on them.