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Stock-Tea is my drink

It isn't where we're trying to get to ...

Today I offer up to all who care to read it Journal Number 1900. Wow. That's a lot of writing.

Since I watched all of White Collar yesterday and it got me in the mood for that type of show, I started in on season 1 of Castle. Yeah. I pretty much think it's great. It's totally hitting the spot right now. I love love love how Castle can turn almost any part of the police investigation into a "if this were the book, we'd have (motive/money/sex)" and it somehow turns out to be right. Also, his daughter's little insights into life that always come at the perfect moments crack me up. Would Castle be totally humped if his daughter stopped helping him unknowingly solve the cases with her one-offs?

Anyway. Since stuff occasionally happens in real life and not just on my TV, Cole invited a bunch of boys over tomorrow after school to play video games. He told me this today. O_o Okay. I don't think I have any food in the house. And and and ... no, that's it. I keep trying to impress upon him to let me know ahead of time so I can plan for these things. I guess he thinks one day is enough ahead. Oh, well. The joys of having kids.

I need to get my puppy house trained. I'm afraid it's starting to smell like a urinal in my room. Gross and gross. I think I'll do some carpet cleaning tomorrow.

I'm also going to start outlining a story since malkovich03 has decided that I must present her with some new writings by February 5th. I have no idea what it's going to be on or about or who the characters are yet, but when Lacey asks I must listen.

I'm done now. I think I have a few more eps of Castle I can watch. Awesome.

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Yay, another White Collar and Castle fan!

All the way, baby! All the way!

Yay for the Castle love :) I do adore that show. And even Marc Blucas makes an appearance around holiday episode of S2. Color me surprised! I love his daughter. A lot. (Castle that is)

I think I still have 4 eps of White Collar to watch. I do like it but not as much as other shows.

Good thing Cole is having friends over, although he SHOULD give you notice, and you COULD have said "NO" but...Alex is grounded right now so......

Sorry to hear about Ruby. I bet you can find some dog trainer in the area to help!

Watch White Collar! Watch it! It was fun and it put me in the mood to finally watch Castle. And that's a good thing.

I'm totally caught up with Castle now, btw. Including the most recent episode. I really really really really like the dynamic between Castle and Beckett. They're so darn snarky you can't help but love them together.

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