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I'm excited and scared ...

I'm finally catching up on the episodes of Dollhouse that aired in December. I'm having some issues with Summer Glau's character. She seems very River to me. Maybe that's just because I've been watching Firefly. Still, some of her stream of consciousness talking is straight out River. River, River, River. Non-linear River-speak.

I'm thinking that I need to lay off the FF fanfic for a bit.

You know when you're not working and you start to forget what day it is? It used to happen to me all the time when I'd go on vacation. Anyway. I've been so clueless lately that it's almost laughable. At the same time it's not because I seriously wake up in the morning with no clue what day it is or even if I need to get the kids ready for school. That's bad. However, I think it would help somewhat if I picked up a 2010 calendar. This 2009 one isn't helping with my cluelessness. Maybe I should just take down the 2009 one so that I don't keep looking a it. But where would the fun be in that?

Okay. Back to the last few eps of Dollhouse.

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Dollhouse is about to get REALLY good. I mean - great! I love the last few episodes of Dollhouse. And the one last friday? Huge HUGE discovery!! I wasn't a huge Dollhouse fan most of the time it was one, but it was ok to pass the time. But if they had done with the show the whole time what they did the last few eps, I think it would still be on.

That's pretty much how I feel ... It's a good way to pass the time but not something that's CAN'T MISS! Yet, I'm really enjoying where they seem to be taking the last few eps.

okay. you know what? i would like to see some writing from you. i have not read your stuff in awhile. in fact, i can't even remember the last time. i'm going to give you a deadline. let's say... oh... how about february 5th. yes, that sounds good. let's see some story writing by feb. 5th!

Okay. Give me some guidelines. Original fic or can it be fanfic? Any ideas for a story line? Horror, please. Or I'll find a way to make it horror and start killing people off left and right. You know, don't worry about the horror aspect, I'll make do with any sort of prompt. Do you want me to come up with something on my own? How long?

I have questions.

horror is good.

as long as you want, but it should be at least a few pages. i don't want just a paragraph or something.

i would prefer original since i am unfamiliar with fanfic.

the deadline of feb 5th is firm.

can't wait!

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