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Let me guess ...

I've been reading mass quantities of Firefly fanfic (mostly of the River/Jayne variety because I'm dirty like that) and watching eps of FF. You know, there are no episodes that are duds. None. I like them all. My favorite is Out of Gas because it's just shiny like that. Plus? Extremely well done. Flipping between the past, the events that led up to the present and the present is just ... so lovely.

Now Cole's watching Chuck from last night. There's so much Adam Baldwin going on it this house that it's beyond believable. Have I mentioned how well he plays Jayne recently? It's just awesome. I might have to bust out Independence Day. I'm just saying.

I'm way behind on comments again. I was doing really well there for a while and answering them fairly quickly but I think I might have fallen off the wagon. It's okay, though, because it's moving pretty slowly and I can jump back on at the time of my choosing.

I watched Terminator Salvation last night. How much do I love Marcus? I can't get over how much emotion Sam Worthington gave the character. There are those little eye flickers that show so much pain. Now, that might just be my massive crush talking, but I'm not taking it back. By the by, I watched Rogue afterward. At least the parts with Sam. :)

I am done.