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Like nothing before ...

Ahhh ... another Sunday night.

I have to share this awesomeness ... International Delights (the creamer!) makes a line of "Coffee House Inspirations" and they are so so so so sosososososososo good. H and I have been going crazy with their Skinny Carmel Macchiato. It so incredibly tasty and I don't at all miss going to Starbucks now. Love! We also picked up their Skinny Vanilla Latte but we haven't tried that one yet. Yum yum yum

I've been feeling a wee bit unsettled the last few days. I could attribute it to what happened to my dad, but I'm not sure that's it. I feel shivery on the inside like something's coming. Something good I hope. I've been having the urge to put pen to paper and actually plot out a story instead of letting them ferment into nothingness in my brain.

Lately I've picked up a few professional writers to follow on LJ and I think it's so fascinating to see their processes. In some ways it boggles me that they have the same writing hurdles that I have. I mean, intellectually I understand that they're just people and they're going to have the same problems with writing that I sometimes run into but it's really interesting to actually see.

Okay. I'm done for tonight.

By the by, blabapalooza is hopping right now. Movie reviews are practically falling from the sky.

Now I'm really done.