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Heroes-Niki-Game on!

This is hardly the place to start at ...

I've had a doozy of a headache this afternoon. I even skipped dinner at my sister's house because I just kinda feel blah. I could blame it on how little sleep I've been getting lately but I don't feel tired or anything. Just headachy and kinda blah. Whatever. I couldn't go to bed last night until I'd leveled up several times on Vampire Wars. Damn addictive game.

I'm pleased, thrilled and otherwise excited to say that we're doing some brisk business in movie reviews over at blabapalooza. I think we already have 6 or 7 for the year. Plus the new Clash of the Titans trailer. Mmmm ... Sam Worthington. I just might have to watch Terminator Salvation tonight. So, stop on by, friend us and see what horrible movies I've been watching lately. Do it!

I think I've said all the relevant things.