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Stock-Book-Once upon a time

Not so long ago ...

I feel like 2010 is starting off well. Let's see ... I put my first review up at blabapalooza. I finished two books yesterday and both of them were good ghost stories. I feel like I'm eating a lot healthier. Now I just need to get back into writing original stuff daily and my world will be complete. :)

So ... Books.
Book #2 - Ruined by Paula Morris - Cemeteries, ghosts and old families. Nice. I liked parts of this one a lot. On the other hand, there were parts that delved into the history of New Orleans and the societal boundaries between blacks and whites that felt too much like school. It was interesting, but it wasn't captivating. The way the social groups of the girls at the school was broken down was a little too much info as well. I was having a hard time keeping the Debs and the Plebs and the Pats straight. So. Rebecca Brown moves to New Orleans to live with an old family friend when her father gets posted in China for six months on his job. She doesn't know any of the girls at her new school. She barely knows the woman she's being forced to live with. Alone and lonely, she meets a girl in the local cemetery who happens to be a ghost. Learning about the ghostly world and how Lisette got trapped there, brings Rebecca face to face with some very old and dirty secrets that the local families have been trying to hide for 150 years. An overall good book. I'd read another by this author.


Book #3 - Four and Twenty Blackbirds: An Eden Moore Story by Cherie Priest - This is the same author who gave us the fabulous Boneshaker. I went into this book with some pretty high expectations and I wasn't disappointed in the least. There's enough story here to satisfy without overstaying it's welcome. Eden has always seen ghosts. Namely, three sisters who watch over her and try to keep her safe. Looking for answers about the mother who died when she was a newborn and the father she never knew puts her beloved Aunt in danger and Eden has to sift through the clues she's given in dreams and by the whispers of her three protectors to save her. Along the way she uncovers a boatload of skeletons in the proverbial closet, a plot by a madman who wants to live forever and the truth about the three women who watch over her. There's a lot of story here. Plus, this is the first in a trilogy and I'm very excited for the next two books. Guess what I'm going to be picking up soon. :)

On top of all that reading, I tried to sit down and watch one of the several movies I DVRed the other day so I could put up another review. Wow. No. Just, no. The first one was a horrible, horrible early 80's movie. The production quality was painful. The actors were painful. The hair was painful. I couldn't do it. Even though it was about werewolves. That one was deleted about 5 minutes in. Maybe I lasted 10. I don't know. I don't care. The second was one that I had unwittingly seen bits and pieces of on SyFy at one point or another. I thought it was stupid then and it didn't get any better seeing it from the beginning. I think I lasted 15 minutes on that before I realized that I had mocked this one previously. You'd think that rampaging Grizzly bears would be fun. You'd be wrong. Very, very wrong.

Wow. My fingers are really cold right now. I'm the tiniest bit surprised I can type at all. Huh. Maybe I should turn on the heater.

I'm out.

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how do you do it? how do you read and do reviews and watch movies and and and ... everything? i barely get the cleaning done, which means i hardly ever get to read or review or watch movies.


*accept accolades*
I don't really clean the house that much. I found that I enjoyed my life more. :D

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