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TVD-Cast-Long misty walk

Murder and Mayhem! Oh, my!

Umm ... when I got up this morning it was clear out. Dark, but clear. Now? Wall of fog, people. I have a literal wall of fog outside my window. I can see the house directly across from me and that's it. The field across the street? Nope. Not there. Swallowed by the wall of fog. It's pretty cool.

I have all this random stuff I must share.

  • Yesterday Cole spent the last of his Christmas money on a wireless adapter for his XBox 360. For the life I of me I can't remember how to pull up our WEP Security Key to access the wireless router so that he can use the XBox Live feature. However, while playing around with it last night to find the freaking Key I somehow killed my internet connection in a big way. My computer was just laughing at me whenever I'd try to do anything online. Nice. It's better this morning. I have no idea what the issue was or why/how it decided to fix itself, but there you have it.
  • And that's why I didn't journal yesterday.
  • And that's why I'm more than halfway through book #2 for 2010.
  • Before brutally murdering the internet, I was surfing around on blabapalooza. Innocently re-reading some of my old movie reviews. *smiles beguilingly* Sometimes I really crack myself up. It makes me want to do another INSANE 30 in 30 thing. You know, 30 reviews in 30 days. I was reviewing some really bad movies. Really bad. To get my groove on in that direction I wandered through the SyFy (I really hate spelling it like that!) lineup for the next few days and set my DVR to record some doozies! I've already watched Swamp Devil. I'll be reviewing that once I'm done here.
  • I cleaned the hell out of my shower this morning. Seriously, it's hell free. It was v. serious business. I even made my own scrub to do it. Kinda like Soft Scrub, but much less expensive. It works just as well, if not better. I kid you not.

    Ta-da! I'm off to write up an AWESOME movie review and then possibly just write.