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Heroes-Niki-Game on!

Knocking 'em down!

I changed my layout back to one of the default LJ ones. I just couldn't handle the teeny tiny journal area. The wordsmith in me rebelled on all levels. Now I'm on the lookout for something that all areas of my personality (or whatever) can be happy with.

Okay. I watched Jennifer's Body last night. I think I wasn't as impressed as I would have been if I was a guy who fantasized daily about Megan Fox liplocking with another girl. Seriously, this movie felt like an ode to Megan Fox's beauty. Sure, she's pretty and all that but I think you need more than a pretty face to make an engaging movie. Which brings me to my next point ... Diablo Cody is not all that in my book. Juno was... fun. I guess. I've seen it three times but it's almost too quirky for me. I guess I'm not as enamoured of it as most of the rest of the world seemed to be. And now this movie. It felt very disjointed. I had no idea why some of the things were happening. Maybe I should have been paying better attention. But I wasn't. Whatever.

After Jennifer's Body, I threw District 9 on. I'm going to have to watch that one again. I liked it and I feel like I missed things. That might have been because I was distracted by the internet during the beginning. Oops. In conclusion, D9 was far better than JB even though I paid more attention to JB. Go figure.

Yes, that was my evening. Movies. With my dogs. Cole had a friend spending the night and they were downstairs playing the 360. I snuck down at 11:55 to see if they were still awake and they weren't. Although Cole's friend did sleepily mumble "Happy New Years, Cole's Mom". That made me laugh.

Now I'm waiting for jenah and her son to get here and Cole's other friend to be picked up.
Have a nice first day of 2010.