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Lost-Evie-Freckles and all

There are more things ...

I changed my layout but I'm not sure if I like how small the journal section is. I like lots of room to write. I like lots of room to spread out. I like lots of room for my words to be seeeeeeen. I'm egotistical like that. However, I like the layout graphic itself. It was made by gawariel_design, not for me specifically or anything, but I like that it's fairly unique.

Hmm. I might stick with this one for a bit but keep my eye out for a new one that fits my love of large writing spaces. :)

In case anyone is wondering (and even if you're not, suckers!), I took a nap last night from 6-8. I was really tired. I got up at 8 to take the dogs out for their last walk of the evening and then Cole and I watched a few episodes of Psych. And, no. I had no problems falling asleep when I went to bed for good at 11. I'm awesome like that.

So. Avatar. I really liked it. I think I'm going to like it even more when I can watch it at home without the discomfort of having to pee halfway through the movie but being unwilling to get up and actually go because I might miss something. Things I like that are extremely general and which won't spoil anyone for the movie itself ...
-Zoe Saldana has a great voice. I was enraptured by her as she spoke.
-Sam Worthington is still gorgeous.
-James Cameron did a beautiful job of realizing an alien planet. As kimbrchick put it, it was like being underwater with the jellyfish like pods and hanging vines.
-The pagan in me liked so much about the Na'vi's beliefs.
-The battle sequences were really cool to watch.
-Michelle Rodriquez didn't annoy me as she often does.
-Sigourney Weaver... Yay!
-I loved the "helicopters" (not sure what they were called, but the ships with the dual blades). That's what I imagine a helicopter will look like in the future.

Things which weren't...
-The movie is long. Having it start 20 minutes late (though that was no fault of the movie itself) made a long movie even longer. However, I think if the movie was pared down at all it would lose a lot of the epicness. There's a lot of journey going on. It was just hard to sit in a theater when I had to pee. :)
-I'm sure there are other things but I can't think of them at the moment.

Well. There you have it. I might be back later. I feel rather wordy today.
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