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SPN-Boys on the Road

Let's see how this character found us ...

Well, Christmas has come and gone for another year. We had a good time today. There was much present unwrapping (Books!) and a satisfactory amount of food. Plus, there was the family. My sister is visiting from Hawaii with her two boys. Hailey's in seventh heaven having someone her age to play with. However, all she wants to do is carry her new Guinea Pig around. That's fine, I guess, except that I'm allergic to Guinea Pigs. Awesome. I get the whole itchy eyes thing and that's just not that fun. She named the little guy Dean. As in Dean Winchester. Ha! It was going to be either Dean or Sam and she ended up going with Dean. Nice, huh? I'm starting my own fandom revolution.

Well, I'm tired. I've been staying up way too late and getting up far too early. I'm going to go to bed soon and curl up with my new pillow. I'm enamoured of the fact that this pillow isn't flat. *is giddy* It's fantastic.

Off to sleepy time.