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Lost-Sawyer- F!

I hardly know where to start ...

I was all geared up to journal last night and then I got caught up reading some fanfic (old skool stuff, yo! From when the porn was HOT!) and all of a sudden it was after midnight I was like "Meh. I'll journal tomorrow and be all interesting and shit."

So. Here I am.

I ended up staying up until around 2 last night. What? I was revisiting some favorite stories and totally lost track of time. However, since I got up at 5:45 I didn't get a lot of quality sleeping time in. I'm not tired yet, but later might be a different story.

It's bangaboomerang's birthday! Happy Birthday, Des!! May your day be filled with sleep and a child who's on the mend! :)

I was singing the Scooby Doo theme song this morning and Hailey turns to me and gives me a v. serious look and says, "Auntie, your singing is great but you're very weird." Hahahahahahaha! I love kids. They say things that make me smile.

I just realized that I didn't watch a single Zombie movie while wrapping presents this year. Suddenly it just doesn't feel like Christmas at all. I always wrap to Zombie movies! A Christmas tradition has fallen by the wayside. Woe! This is what happens when I get deep into a marathon and let the rest of the world fall away. Thank you, Lost, for taking this away from me. *weeps silently* On the other hand, Hailey saw Michelle Rodriguez in an episode and informed me that she looked like the girl who says "She bit me. She was crazed." I laughed and told her that it was the same girl. Is it cool that my 6 year old niece can quote Resident Evil? Okay. I feel better. I've discovered a Zombie connection. All is right with the world.

You know, I could watch one of the REs tonight. Word!

Cole's been lounging around in a red plaid robe that he got from his step mom's family. He was carrying a cup of tea up the stairs while wearing it earlier and he looked so grown up. I asked him if he wanted the newspaper to go with that. He just gave me a look. I had to explain that he looked like a little grown up with his robe and coffee cup. Awwww.

I've been cleaning the house this morning. And I have a hair appointment in two hours. When am I going to find time to nap??? My hair should be easy-ish. I'm just having the color retouched. More red, please!

I'm done now.

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#1 thanks for the birthday wishes :)

#2 scooby doo is never, ever weird.

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