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The Annual Holiday Gathering has officially ended and it was fun. We watched Drag Me to Hell (quite the holiday movie, yes?) and ate a lot of good food and had a lot of talking. All in all, very satisfying.

I'm tired now. Which is to be expected since I didn't nap and I was running around trying to get things done this morning.

Perhaps I will watch the next episode of Lost. Perhaps I will watch some more Alice. I just don't know yet.


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thanks for having me! i had a fun time! next time i'll try not to sleep through the start time.

Ha ha! Whatever, fool. You made it. You brought delicious taco dip. You are always welcome!

i did not like drag me to hell at all.
i should've, like, reviewed it, or something.

It amused me. I saw a lot of Evil Dead-esque things in it. And I love those movies. :)

i was disgusting by the influx of bodily and other fluids flowing freely throughout the movie. the embalming fluid was the grossest.

I agree with you on that! I also thought the old toothless lady gumming the main girl's chin was Uuuuuuggggggh! Gross!
But ... those are very Sam Raimi things to do. It's like he went back to his B-horror movie roots or something.

i've been a horrible reviewer. i have been watching tons of movies, but i never review. i read and watched all those lois duncan movies ... and now i'm making my way thru the holiday-themed horror movies - black christmas, halloween, my bloody valentine, april fool's day...

Well, get on it, girl! Give us some reviewing love!

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