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I have a confession to make. Are you ready? I saw how everybody who watched Alice on my flist was all abuzz about how great it was so I sat down to watch it. Here's where the confession comes in. At about the 1:30 mark I found myself so underwhelmed by it that I turned it off and didn't get back to it for a week. I couldn't figure out why everyone was gaga over it. Then I watched the rest of it. I liked it. A lot. I didn't even have the heart to delete it off my DVR yet. And that's saying a lot since I usually delete stuff as soon as I watch it.

So. Yeah. I liked it. I might even watch it again.

Cole and I had to give Ruby a bath earlier cause she had a funk to her that was rather ... unpleasant. I don't know what the little darling got into but she didn't smell good. Now she smells clean and shiny. Yay!

I'm up to disc 5 of season 2 of Lost. However, I won't be watching any tomorrow since I have my super awesome Annual Holiday Gathering. I didn't watch any eps today either because I was getting ready for my super awesome Annual Holiday Gathering. There was much shopping done. The headache I acquired midway though the day made the end of the shopping a drag. Good thing I was able to curl up with my dogs and pillows for a bit. Headaches suck.

I'm done now.