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Lost-The van that saves us all!

They all keep asking me to draw a map ...

I went on a field trip with Cole's class to the Tech Museum today. It was fun. Especially since one of my three kiddos that I was supposed to be chaperoning wasn't there. Two kids? Not so hard. And when one is your own and the other barely speaks ... even easier.

So. My day came and went and I don't have a lot to show for it. I'm on disc 4 of Lost season 2 at this point. I really have no idea what episode, but I know it's the 4th disc.

Tomorrow is major shopping day. Not Christmas shopping, mind you, but food shopping for my Christmas party. My party's on Sunday. It's time to get this done!

Back to Lost. I'm having way too much fun watching this all over again. I had forgotten so much that it's almost like seeing them for the first time. The only thing I'm going to throw in there is that I agree with iron_knife that there should be a "flashback skip" button. Some of those flashbacks are ... not fun to re-watch. Kinda boring, in fact.

I'm out.