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Psych-Gus is stealth

Where I talk about books, icons and snot.

I'm going to lunch with one of my old work friends later today, so I thought I'd better get on the ball this morning and do my thing. Plus, oddmonster is getting ready to use her big voice on me if I don't do the promised icon meme. :)

First off:
Book #109 - The High King (The Chronicles of Prydain - Book 5) by Lloyd Alexander - This was a very satisfying ending to the series. There was much action and sword fighting and epic battles. The main character, Taran, had a lot of growth from the first book to the last. Of course it ended how I thought it would end. But I was okay with that. Definitely worth a read if you can get past the tongue twisting Welsh names.

I have one more book that I'd like to get read before the end of the year, but nothing else is pressing on me insistently.

oddmonster gave me some icons to talk about.

Maia from The 4400. This is one of the first icons I made and I had a lot of help on it from jenah. She has a lot more patience with creating art than I do. :/ I use this one as a generic icon to show something out of the ordinary or just cool.

Evangeline Lilly from Lost. Another one that I made. I liked the pin-up girl pose that she's striking and how irreverent she looks. This one is used to on fun and flirty posts. "freckles and all" reminds me that sometimes mundane things can be beautiful.

Ha! A quote from Psych made by neversince. How do I love Shawn Spencer? This quote says it all. This one is used when I have something absurd to say. It might not make sense to most people but there are those that will understand what I'm getting at. Odd, I adore this show. It makes me smile and shake my head. Often at the same time.

Mmmm. Derek from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles made by sterre. I firmly believe that more dirty fanfic should be written with this picture in mind. I don't use this icon too often, but it's so lovely to look at that I can't bring myself to get rid of it.

An truer ode to the Supernatural fandom has never been written. Made by neversince, it's mostly used on SPN squeeage posts. My fandom is better than your fandom! Bitches! Yep, I like my shows.

Ahhh ... Elena and Stefan of The Vampire Diaries. I resisted watching this show but in the end it dragged me down into it's sordid depths. I made this one with some promo pics for the show. It's mostly used on TVD squeeage posts, but sometimes I use it just because I like to look at the pretty.

This morning I was taking a shower and Hailey and Ruby were sitting in the bathroom talking to me (which is why I usually shower when no one's home ... PRIVACY!) and we had a long discussion about what color our snot currently is. We've both progressed to clear if anyone really needs to know. But we're both still pretty stuffed up. Yes, Hailey caught my cold. She informed me (quite snootily, might I add) that I "gave her a stuffy nose!" Nice.

I think I've written a long enough post for the day. I've covered all the topics I was planning on covering and now I can move on to my next thing.


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