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TW-Gwen-Tough day

I can hardly see what's coming ...

Holy smokes! The dogs are racing around upstairs (where I am, mind you) like speed racers and they're kinda starting to drive me crazy. *blink, blink* Plus, I have so much stuff that I feel like I need to get done immediately, right now, can't wait, yes NOW! that I don't know where to start. Seriously, I'm sitting here surfing around online because I don't want to do anything that's not fun.

As a random aside, the vampire game I play on Facebook is all crazed and I think I might have lost pages and pages of comments that I neeeeed so that I can vote for people and get refills and make friends and blah blah blah and be an awesome vampire. *sigh* My life is just so difficult sometimes.

On the shiny side of things, I managed to get the evite out last night for my party that's this coming weekend. I probably should have sent that out sooner, but I didn't. And I can't apologize for it because the fact that I'm a slacker is moderately well documented at this point. Actually I can apologize for it. Sorry, ladies. Sorry.

I plan on finishing season 1 of Lost today. No, that's not one of the uber important things that needs to get done right now, but it's all part of my plan. Part of my diabolical plan to take over the world. Or whatever.

I'm done now. My typing sucks, my laundry's almost done and my dogs are still driving me crazy. Good times, people. Good times.

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On the none-shiny side of things you have bailed on the icon challenge and this is pooooooooooo......

I have never been poooooooooo. And the icons have been posted! Boo-yah!

I am fascinated by the fact that even though I started Vampire Wars months before you, you already passed my own level status. And I am on that thing everyday.
I guess I just don't have the dedication to do those tasties and get my constant flow of refills. lol

Lol! I've been really lucky with the Twilight's Grace refills. I'm a little proud of myself for how many levels I consistently go up in a day, but at the same time I feel kinda dorky. :P

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