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Lost-Sawyer- F!

I think we got some bad info ...

I feel pretty horrific. Colds suck. Big time. There has been much nyquil/dayquil consumed. That stuff tastes nasty, by the way. Absolutely terrible. Yet, I continue to take it so I can, you know, breathe. Awesome.

Today is my sister Amber's birthday. We had ribs and homemade macaroni and cheese. It was good, but I wish I could taste a little bit more than I can. Having a stuffed up nose sucks. Blech.

I don't know if I mentioned the other day that Cole's been watching Stargate Atlantis while I've been marathoning Lost. Naturally I've been watching SGA with him because I love me some Shep. It's a little weird marathoning two shows that are so different. Basically I have no time to watch any of the current shows that are on. They're piling up nicely on my DVR.

Speaking of Lost, I'm very firmly in the Sawyer/Kate camp. I think those two are great onscreen together. Even when Sawyer's being an ass. There's something so damn hot about them ... yum.

I'm done now. I have to go take my next dose of decongestants. oddmonster, I'll do your icon meme when I'm not quite so fuzzy headed. Promise.

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Cold's are just ick :( Boo!

I can't believe how long this one is hanging on. It's been more than a week. Blech.

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