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Lost-The van that saves us all!

You're looking a little ...

Holy smokes! Lost on Blu-Ray is very pretty. My favorite thing on the discs is that they have this thing called "season play" that keeps track of where I am on the episodes for me. This is awesome because I often forget what episode I'm up to, especially when I'm marathoning. So I'm up to episode 7 and I'm loving it.

I had this whole post planned this morning about how I haven't had a snotty gross cold so far this cold season. Of course I woke up this morning slightly stuffed up. Nice. It's cleared up now, I just thought it was funny.

Heather gave me a very important task today. One which I will take care of as soon as this journal is done. She told me that I must write down all the Christmas shopping we still need to get done so that we can go out tomorrow (on her day off) and polish it off. I'm on it. I'm on it.

I might even do some wrapping after this. Or not. We'll see how the dogs are. If they're in the mood to walk all over the paper, it's a no go. If they're content to stay up on the bed and be good little girls ... I can do it!

Alright. I must do my duty!

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Ahh...LOST. *sniff*
The next time we get together (next week) I will have to take a peek at it on Blu-Ray...you know me and my favorite show?!

It's so incredibly pretty! You'll cry a little on the inside.

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