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Stock-Winter-Blue and beautiful

Well, who lives here?

OMG! I have so much to talk about. It's like the proverbial floodgate has opened and all this STUFF is about to spill out. I hope I can remember it all.

Part the first: Is anyone else having problems with the LJ comments alerts? All of a sudden I'm not receiving them. It's annoying me because that's how I respond back. Now I actually have to be on top of things and check???? Terrible.

Numero two: We had a little 15 minute cloudburst last night around 6 or so. Then we had freezing weather overnight. I woke up this morning to a glittery, frost rimmed wonderland. It's very, very pretty to look at. And then I almost slipped down the stairs taking the dogs out and it wasn't quite so pretty anymore. Anyway. I called my sister and told her to park in the garage when she brought Hailey over because I could just see her slipping on the stairs and ruining her knee even more than it already is.

Number 3: I dreamed again last night. Something weird about having to solve puzzles to advance to the next level. Not puzzle puzzles. Like, video game puzzles. You know that there's way past the obstacle, you just have to find it. Mine involved a series of sinks, one of which didn't have a way to turn the water on. I had to figure out how to get the water running to open a series of doors and move on. For the record, I did figure it out. It was cool.

The fourth: I watched Pathfinder last night. Umm ... I like that movie. I've seen it several times. I still can't figure out what's going on in it. Sure, it's very pretty to look at and Karl Urban is fab but... what killed the Vikings in the beginning of the movie? I was cool with the rest of it, I just couldn't figure out what had killed the Vikings and left young Karl Urban alive. Whatever. I'll watch it again. It's just that pretty.

5: Amazon has all 5 seasons of Lost on Blu-Ray for $108. Normally a season costs close to $50. That would be like buying 2 and getting 3 free. On Blu-Ray. I might break down and buy this one. I was good with Firefly, but this one might drag me in. Dammit.

Six: I have a munchkin home today. Cole woke up with a bad tummy. He's watching cartoons at the moment. :/

I don't think that's everything I wanted to talk about, but it's a good start. You might end up hearing from me over and over and over again today. Or you might not.

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I'm not getting any notifications from LJ either :(

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