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SPN-Boys on the Road

I hardly know where I'm going ...

I have been having the most amazingly bizarre dreams lately. In one of them, I was kidnapped and taken to the woods and forced to dig holes so that heads could be buried. Weird, right? Yeah. Except there's more. Once I was free I found a way to lead the good guys to the place where the heads had been buried even though I was blindfolded and didn't see exactly where we were going. Seriously, it was creepy and yet amazing at the same time because it was chock full of plot. And it played out so much like a movie in my head that I can still see parts of it. i wish I could remember the one I had last night. It was as weird as that one.

Anyway. We have snow here. Up in the hills, but we get very very very little snow in Morgan Hill so this is a major event. It's pretty. Cold and pretty. We also have rain. Lots of wet on the ground and cold in the air. It definitely feels like Christmas is on the way.

Speaking of which, a have a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done. I went out with both Amber and Heather yesterday (at different times, mind you) and got a lot done. Now I just have to wrap and pick up those last few elusive presents.

Well, I was going to put a picture of my two sweet puppies up, but I don't like any of the pictures I have. Besides which, it just took me 20 minutes to transfer the damn pictures from my camera to my computer. My comp decided it didn't want to read my memory card and just ignored me when I spoke to it sternly. Very sad.

I think I'm going to go do some stuffs. Fun stuffs. Or not.

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DUDE. I had a head-burying dream too!
Except mine was in the mountains. D;

ha! Great minds think alike and all that!

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