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ST-Kirk/McCoy-Kirk likes the big chair

Sounds like we're in for a road trip.

I feel like I haven't sat down at all today. Which is ridiculous. Because I did sit down. I sat down while my hair was being done. I sat down while I was at Hailey's awards ceremony (perfect attendance, something Cole has never never had). I'm sitting down now. I think.

Yeah. I had a busy day. Awards, hair, food, outside lights. Which look awesome, I might say. No nap. NOOOOOOO! Terrible. I got a few pages read on the book Cole wants me to read while my hair was processing.

Anyway. jenah and her son are coming over for a bit tomorrow. Which reminds me! I think I know what we're going to have for our main food dish at our Annual Holiday Gathering! I was having a hard time picking something that would appeal to everyone. But I think I've hit upon something that will be a hit. Yes, I'm being purposfully vague until I'm sure it's what I want to serve.

I'm tired. I'm making a lot of spelling errors. That means it's time to go.

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I want to know what we're having so I know what to bring! And Sam Worthington is so pretty on Blu-Ray....

Okay, this comment has been left in limbo for so long that all questions have already been answered.

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