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You know those days when you're trying to be a good mom and hold onto your temper but it's becoming increasingly difficult? Yeah. I was having one of those earlier. Cole twisted his ankle (mildly, mind you) playing dodge ball and the kid can't even hop up the stairs with my help. Okay. But that's not the kicker. See, he decided to skip both breakfast and lunch today. That means that he's unreasonably idiotic. His blood sugar is way too low and I can tell because OMG! how can you not even crawl up the stairs when your ankle hurts??? Seriously, he was lying in the middle of the stairs (the literal middle, on the treads) which is where I left him because I had to walk away before I completely lost my temper and started screaming like an insane woman.

And just to illustrate the fact that I know that he needed to eat ... I made him eat a turkey sandwich when he eventually made his way all the way upstairs and LO! he started feeling more human almost immediately.

See? Moms really do know these things.

I am done now. I can't promise I won't be back.
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