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SCC-Terminator exoskeleton

And now we never shall ...

Lo! I was decorating outside today. There's a whole silver and red candy cane theme going on in the front of my house. It's kinda cool. I haven't managed to get the lights up yet but hopefully that will get done tomorrow. It all depends on whether or not I want to do some shopping or some decorating.

I did not wrap presents today.

I did get the book I won through that Goodreads contest in the mail. It looks pretty cool and I'm excited to start reading it. Once I finish decorating the house, that is.

I finally got my camera working and I've been taking a ridiculous amount of pictures of my girls. And by "got my camera working" I mean that I put new batteries in. *blink, blink* I'm crazy good like that. Oh, and my dogs are super cute but I need to take a good picture of them before I can post it. The lack is in my picture taking skills, not the girls.

I'm tired.

I watched Terminator Salvation on Blu-ray earlier. Lovely. For the record, I liked the movie. I got the feeling that a lot of people were disappointed with it, but it hit all my movie watching kinks. Hot robot guy? check. Gravelly voiced hero? check. Post-apocalyptic future? check. That kid who played Chekov? check. Okay, that last one wasn't actually a kink, just something I found amusing.

I'm going to bed. My brain is sleepy and it's telling me to call it a night.