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Man, they're gone!

I was almost not going to post tonight because it's getting late (didn't I once have a plan to post in the morning just so this wouldn't happen?) and I don't have much to say ... but I suddenly remembered something so incredibly stupid that I had to share it.

When we got our Christmas tree home on Saturday and finally got it standing in a nominally upright position, Heather noticed that one of the branches was broken in a fairly prominent place on the front of the tree. My mom suggested cutting it off and just dealing with the (slight) empty spot. Heather said no to that. She went out and got our freaking Gorilla Glue (amazing stuff, if you've never heard of it. I could probably glue the space shuttle to the Empire State Building with no problem) and set out to GLUE OUR CHRISTMAS TREE BACK TOGETHER! Now, it was only one branch that was broken, so when she ultimately failed at her (insane) endeavor it didn't destroy the overall lines of the tree. I put a heavy ornament on the branch above the broken one and the weight pulled the upper branch down enough to hide our little bare spot.

The point of all this is that my sister tried to glue our Christmas tree together. AWESOME!

I think I might wrap some presents tomorrow. It'll be December, it's allowed.

And now I'm off to battle Vampires and ... stuff.

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so if it's such good glue, why didn't it work on the branch? cause the branch had too much leverage?

I think it might have been because the wood was wet. It tells you in the directions to thoroughly clean and dry the surface you're going to glue. I'm not sure though. She might have just not held it together long enough. :P

Awww, poor little tree. You fixed it!

It's just not Christmas if you don't have to glue something.

(Deleted comment)
Good GAWD! Warn a girl before you post something like that. Now I'm going to ahve nightmares!

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